Tuesday, 5 January 2016


This story and it's character is of an original work. It has no aspect of fanfiction or another fiction it tries to borrow from. It is possibly a world of which I might be able to write a lot of. I've been trying to figure out how to make 'epic' scenes without alienating the reader from them... 

... It is pretty hard. And it also struck me out, that the point when you manage to do it well, you're pretty damn good writing stories. If you can replicate the things you experience as a writer to the reader or just even a part of it, it becomes something great.

The Blazing Red

    A cold wind blew past the plaza. Leaves; fiery in color of the late fall, showered over a red haired girl. In her blue eyes the world appeared completely different, compared to anyone inside the busy square in the center of the city. It was like the summer for people that had only experienced the cold of winter.

    She wore a light, peruvian brown leather jacket that extended all the way down to her knees. Underneath she had a long oxford blue skirt and long white socks. Tied over her throat, she wore a forest green scarf. Her hair barely touched her shoulders, but it was curled and wild.

    Away from the busy crowd where she was standing, someone, somewhere – not worth mentioning for, was looking the scene through a broken looking glass. This looking glass only showed the unseen world in colors, the broken world.

    The redhead blazed radiantly in the lens of the glass, while the pedestrians of the busy crowd were nothing more than black ink droplets diluted in water, colorless and the quickly faded into nothingness, if you looked for too long.

    The observer slowly changed the perspective of the viewpoint. A burning flock of birds appeared in the horizon, plaguing the sky.

    The girl did not look at the impending danger, but kept her back faced towards the flock. She started taking slow steps forward, to the opposite direction away from the birds. As she started hearing their ominous screams in the sky; she started taking more steps in the same time and striding a little bit further with each of her footfalls. Her light walking, quickly turned into running steps.

    As she blew past the plaza, a red hue cowered the square like the solar eclipse during day. She dashed onto a small side-alley, curving up a head in a crescent and many more pathways. Not long after she had disappeared into the alley, the numerous flock of thousands over thousands, swarmed into the plaza and in a discordant chaotic swoop, they all squeezed into the alley.

    Common people inside the plaza felt only a warm breeze pass through them, with nothing out of the ordinary to see, as the massive firestorm had just swept across them.

    The girl kept running through the alley and taking sharp turns. Each of her footfalls clapped heavy against the cobblestones on some of the oldest roads in the city. Each of these steps were a wakening call for the madness that was chasing her.

    Up a head, a large glass panel, was resting against a red-bricked old house. There was a rope, attached to the panel that was hanging next to the wall. The runners eyes were focused intently on this rope alone.

    Her lips flitted into a wide excited smile as the first soulless carrion was just one swoop away from her. Opening it's jaws of fangs, like needles on a porcupine's back and preparing it's vicious talons to strike.

    The storming flock had almost struck down on it's prey and there was not that much space to continue the escape anymore. Up ahead of the road was a small clearing with an old leafless tree that was as old as this part of the old town, inside the city.

    The girl did not however continue her escape down the road but she pounced against the red wall with the rope, grabbing the rope before using the momentum to kick herself off from the wall. She leaned all of her body weight and the panel moved alongside with it, letting out a heavy creaking sound, that might have been heard, if it was not for the swarming flock that was louder than a storm.

    As she landed down on her feet, the girl stood still. The window was facing towards the flock that was seconds away from her. Like an unstoppable force, the flock pierced through like a lance.

    She closed her eyes and giggled. It was like a warm wind. The numberless flock swooping through the glass. The girl slowly gave in, falling over on her back. In a few moments a silence took over and there was no more screeching and screaming.

    The whole yard was painted in blazing colors of autumn. Millions of fallen leaves dotted the yard and the tree had a few leaves hanging from it's branches.

    Red hair smiled and laughed like a princess. She lied over a thick royal bed of warm leaves and wore a crown of petals.

    The sound of the leaves rustling on the wind was the gratitude of the dying tree; for this breathe of life.

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