Sunday, 22 November 2015

Poem: Beautiful Words

Without further adieu I am happy to present the poem of beautiful words:

The author of Snow
Buried Deep
Veiled in Black
The Lights in the City
Were Glowing Glowing
My Heart Weeping

First of all I have to say, saying this out loud simply make me whole. It is like a song, filled with beautiful words. I love beautiful words. For me it's not about the dark images built up by the words. For me it is the Darkness of the events that have occur but the Light is equally strong and it keeps me smiling; for this story the light prevailed, breaking the equilibrium.

So the poem is not about angst. There has been a lot going on in my life, and I am strong in both emotional and psychical layers; the poem is putting into words a feeling of pent up frustration and putting things behind you; both new and old; what could've been and what could not.

The first and the last paragraph link deeply in to the author of the poem. However the choice of words had also a deeper meaning behind them, I'll return there a little later.

Buried Deep: Coalescing the thoughts and emotions of how deeply the events had touched me and at same time it also connects the emotions with death. That what happened is now over.

Veiled in Black: While this part might connect with the emotions to the reader; for me it is disconnected from expressing emotions. While I stared at the black waters of the windy sea at my home port, I connected the reference: "Veiled" to the environment and also to the season. There had been snow previously that day but it had melted during the evening. For same reason I ended up personalizing the first paragraph as, The Author of Snow.

The Lights in the City
Were Glowing Glowing: I kept walking towards my home and everywhere was filled with beautiful lights for the celebration of the upcoming season. While walking I kept saying to me over and over again:

"The Author of Snow, Buried Deep, Veiled in Black ..."
"... The Lights in the city..."
"... Were Glowing, Glowing ... Glowing"

And that is where the final paragraph connected. I was thinking only about it more as a song than as a premeditated poem. The word that connected and rhymed with glowing was weeping.

My Heart Weeping, and so this closed the story. There are multiple ways of interpreting this. But for me the Weeping was not of sorrow. It was not sadness. I smiled the whole journey while returning back to home. I never cried, I laughed.

I enjoyed every syllable of the poem, singing it in  the streets and making myself look weird when random pedestrians looked at me with an odd eye.

Tell me, do you find these words as beautiful as I do? I've never really excelled at poems, yet at same time I have never felt the strong burning urge of putting my emotions into words. This has been the first time, I had to do it. 

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